Custom video emails and SMS texting

Grab the attention of your client (or potential client) with our professionally designed features built to increase client engagement.

Following up with video is the future of real estate

Video is the most powerful way to build trust and rapport next to visiting a client in person. This is fundamental in acquiring clients and closing deals.

Powerful analytics and tracking tools

We’ll notify you as soon as your client has opened your video. We’ll show you how long they’ve watched your video and more to allow you to follow up better.

Turn leads into clients

After connecting with a lead through phone or online, send them a custom follow up through Homi which is sure to catch their attention. Include a personalized follow up video, testimonials, and success stories all on your unique Homi page for the client. Add some text and send the client to their unique Homi page with all this information easily viewable.

Send Personal Pages In Minutes

Other realtors are sending boring email messages and voicemails. Separate yourself from the crowd with Homi. Impress your clients (and potential clients) with media rich pages built to increase client interaction, like the one shown here. It can contain personalized videos and information just for this client.

Share your page easily

After you've created your Homi page (this takes just minutes), share it to one contact or an entire list with our sharing feature.

You can create unique Homi pages each to be sent to a different client, or can send the same page to multiple clients at the same time.

Send high resolution videos via email and text

90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes. Video emails see a 30% higher open rate than those without video. Take advantage of this with Homi by creating your own custom video pages to be sent to your clients' email and phone.

For example, you could create a custom page like the one shown here for your client after touring a property for them and include your custom video. This will then get converted into your own branded URL which can be sent to the client. You'll also be able to view analytics so you can tell how your videos are doing.

Analytics to improve your game

Receive analytics in real time so you can see how your Homi pages are performing. You'll be notified as soon as a video is watched and by whom, which will allow you to know how to best follow up with a lead or client.

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